Jumaat, 25 Jun 2010

have to say...

dear all..
for the mean time
pinkpondok have to say goodbye
just a short time only..for sure..hopefully
and we're promise to come out with something new later
do keep in touch with this blog..thanks!!
and anything just call..010-2076704

Isnin, 7 Jun 2010

Traditional Malay Songket small Box
RM2.00 each


Dear all..
pinkpondok will come out with some new stuff..
really soon..
so,do check out our blog
or log on to our page at facebook.

Rabu, 2 Jun 2010


Ahad, 16 Mei 2010


Rabu, 28 April 2010

Dear all.... We,pinkpondok are now.. thinking ang thinking.. hoping and hoping... searching and searchin.. digging and digging... for the light of... IDEA'SSSS... =)

yeah!pinkpondok already have its own Business Card!!=)

Jumaat, 9 April 2010

handmade jewellery wooden box...RM10.00

Sabtu, 27 Mac 2010

A handmade potpouri wardrobe sachet...RM5.00

A luvly handmade potpouri drawer sachet...RM4.00

Rabu, 10 Mac 2010

Handmade potpouri elephant sachet..RM10.00

Decorated note clippers..RM1.50 each

A lovely frame elephant keychain...RM5.00

Selasa, 9 Mac 2010

Hand Painted Tote Bags...RM15.00 each

Jumaat, 5 Mac 2010

Another Lovely Hand Decorated basket..RM25.OO

A lovely hand decorated basket..RM25.OO

Isnin, 1 Mac 2010

Another Colourful Thread Friendship Bracelet..RM4.00

Colourful Friendship Thread Bracelet...RM3.00

Japanese Birdie Origami Necklace..RM7.00

Japanese Birdie Origami keychain..RM4.00

Another cute birdie...for handphone keychain..RM5.00

A cute birdie necklace..RM7.00

A sweet birdie keychain...RM6.00

Beautiful butterfly necklace...RM7.00

A necklace with pretty Indian bangles..RM7.00

Ahad, 28 Februari 2010

wedding gift items...RM3.00

anything just call us..010-2076704...=)

Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

Decorated candle in a box...RM25.00

Its a hand painted tote bag...RM10.00

hand made giraffe keychain..RM4.00

hand made thread ''friendship'' bracelet...RM3.5O each

the beading necklace...RM5.00 each

another pot puri bag..RM4.00

Its pot puri bag..emm..smells good!!RM5.00

whats up...

The decorated ''CHINESE FAN'' it is RM5.00

hye..everyone!!may you guys will have a nice day...we,PINK PONDOK would love to tell all of you that we are selling our art products..which is almost all our products are hand made or hand painted..so,if you guys are interested with our products just let us know..what you can do is just tell us your basic personal profile or you can contact us..010-2076704...we would love to share our arts with you guyss..

Jumaat, 26 Februari 2010

Dear everyone...

Assalamualaikum..to all...em..should i start with introducing to you guys about ''PINK PONDOK'...yay..i think so..Firstly..PONDOK is a legacy..Its our vision to be close to you..You think of one special thing,we design and create almost everything!!Art,souvenir,gifts for love ones..Its the way we share Art!!...